These are some projects that I currently work on or have worked on.

Open Source Software


This is a javaScript library that simplifies the process of including and loading external templates to be used in a client-side template engine such as mustache or jsRender. By utilizing the <LINK> tag, you’ll be able to easily reference external templates and even receive a JavaScript event for when the templates are loaded! This library can also run multiple template engines side-by-side through a common API call, simplifying the process of changing engines.

Project Status: Active

[Link to GitHub]


The purpose of stackloop is to execute long-running iterative processes in an asynchronous environment. Asynchronous loops can be nested or “stacked”, and the library ensures that all components of the loop execute in the expected order like a regular loop. This solution does not run on another thread like Web Workers, so your code will have full access to the DOM and other page functions. However, page events will still have the opportunity to process, allowing for long-running iterative processes to remain in the background.

Project Status: Active

[Link to GitHub]


Provides events to your application about performance impacts in real-time using the concept of “gears” to indicate how to throttle performance based on how delayed the client’s JavaScript event queue becomes.

Project Status: Active

[Link to GitHub]

Previous Projects

Kennedy Space Center Mainframe Decommissioning Project

The motivation behind this project was the fact that the Space Shuttle program had been paying to run expensive IBM mainframes to support the program, and with the end of Shuttle on the horizon in 2010 NASA IT needed to take action. So, a vendor was brought in to convert this mainframe software into a web-based C# application. It took a year and a half of struggle and ups and downs, but me and my team were able to make the system functional. With one month to spare, we decommissioned the mainframe versions of our software and saved NASA $5.5 Million.


  • Designed and built extension components for the consulting company’s framework to support additional functionality such as network load-balanced batch report processing, SQL recordset caching, single sign-on using Windows Authentication, and server diagnostics monitoring.
  • Created a system tray-based Windows application to allow NASA employees and contractors to receive their requested batch reports directly to their Windows machine as well as print or export them.
  • Replaced several mainframe batch reports with SQL reports in order to improve database performance.
  • Began replacing customer-built mainframe reports with SQL Reports and ad-hoc query tools in order to support the Space Shuttle Transition & Retirement processing activities.
  • Designed and implemented documentation and procedures for converting Natural reports into requirements so that they could be re-implemented in Microsoft SQL.
  • Managed a team of developers to an on-time and on-budget completion of re-implementing hundreds of mainframe reports into SSRS Reports.

Project Status: Active; I am no longer at KSC

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