I have compiled a list of some handy resources that I use frequently in my daily life. I hope that you find these useful in your projects as well. I will be adding to this page as I find useful resources; if you have any you would like me to add, fire off a reply and I’ll take a look.


[LinkWC3 Validator – A must-have for testing public-facing websites for HTML compliance issues. If you’re having weird display issues with your site, this is a good place to start.

[Link] Stack Overflow – If you haven’t stumbled onto this site via google yet, this is the ultimate Q&A for anything programming.

[LinkjsFiddle – This tool is great for sharing code snippets with other developers, especially when you’re having a problem. If you’re going to post a question on stack overflow, put it on jsFiddle first and then link it so that others can quickly see the problem in real time.

[LinkjsCompress – This website lets you copy/paste your javascript code into a text field and produces a minified version of your code. This is useful for making your javascript libraries run faster in a production environment.

[Link] Terms of Service Generator – This is a quick and easy way to generate a Terms of Service for your website. Please have a ToS or Privacy Policy reviewed with a lawyer first if you’re running a commercial website. Special thanks to Ben Nadel for writing this useful tool.


[LinkjQuery UI Icons – A simple page with the jQuery UI icons loaded into buttons. I kept googling for the icon list and this kept coming up, so I bookmarked it!

[LinkjQuery UI Effects – This is easy enough to look up online,  but once you get hooked on putting effects on EVERYTHING, it helps to keep a link to it handy.

[LinkCSS Selectors – Can’t remember the difference between [attribute^=value] and [attribute$=value]? Here’s a nice chart to keep it all straight.

[LinkGit – Git is a wonderful piece of software, but sometimes you need help on remembering which command arguments to use.

[LinkjQuery CDN Links – If you have a public-facing website with jQuery, hosting on a Content Delivery Network is a great way to reduce bandwidth to  your server and speed up page loads, since CDNs deliver content regionally based on the requester’s location.

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